The Territory of Santa Marinella

The Municipality of Santa Marinella is relatively young. It was established in 1950. Its geographical position is located on the northern coast of Lazio; Santa Marinella winds along the Via Aurelia with its coasts rich in rocky and sometimes sandy inlets, for about 22 km. Behind its back there are the Monti della Tolfa. Santa Marinella is easily accessible, thanks to the numerous trains and buses that connect it with Rome. It is also 25 minutes away by car from Fiumicino Airport. It is well connected by public transport with the Port of Civitavecchia.

The climate is mild, maritime and its air, thanks to a combination of iodine-rich algae and the wind that propagates the effluvia, is a real natural aerosol, ideal for combating allergies and respiratory diseases; in fact, many doctors advise Santa Marinella to those who suffer from asthma and generally recommend it for the general well-being of children. Not by chance on the seafront Guglielmo Marconi has been built the “Bambin Gesù”, hospital of excellence for the little ones.

Santa Marinella as well as being an ideal holiday resort for everyone, is also a place rich of culture, in particular Etruscan and Roman; in fact, its territory offers important sites to visit.

As for the sport related to the sea, there are diving and sailing schools.
Santa Marinella is famous in Italy and in the world for the presence of a particular type of waves, which has favored the development of the sporting discipline of surfing. There are also two private tennis clubs and public sports facilities.
Very important is the presence of the two castles, one of which is located in the historic center of Santa Marinella, on the Porticciolo, and the other in Santa Severa (part of the municipality of Santa Marinella). Local restaurants offer their customers tasty dishes rich of fresh fish.